Sunday Services

Special Schedule Change Notice:

This week on Sunday, August 6th, 2023, we will resume our normal three-service Sunday schedule.

Traditional Eucharist – 8:00am

The 8:00am Service is a Rite I Traditional Eucharist with contemplative piano improvisations held in Morrow Chapel. This is a smaller gathering of parishioners in a more intimate environment.

Traditional Eucharist – 10:30am

The 10:30am Service is a Rite I or Rite II Traditional Eucharist with the Trinity Choir & Organ held in the Historic Church.

This service is the most traditional of Trinity’s worship services and rotates among Holy Eucharist Rites I and II and Morning Prayer with Holy Eucharist Rite I from the 1979 The Book of Common Prayer.

Rite I employs traditional language and a more formal approach to the service music, while Rite II uses contemporary language and a broader musical style. The pipe organ is the primary instrument used in this service. The Trinity Choir leads the congregation in the service music (hymns, responses) and presents an anthem at the Offertory as an extension of the appointed readings; special instrumental voluntaries are often included. The priest and congregation chant much of the liturgy.

This service reflects a unified pattern of worship, starting with the lectionary readings. Hymns and service music reflect the liturgical season and the text of the readings, as do the sermons. These elements work together for a purposeful, meaningful time of worship. Within this traditional framework, Trinity Church expresses its unique personality. We embrace the arts and celebrate the awesome mystery of God’s story brought to life week by week with high quality music and art.

Jazz Gospel Eucharist – 12:30pm

The Trinity Jazz Ensemble provides contemporary music for Sunday worship at Trinity Church. The music is jazz, gospel, classical and traditional, always in an acoustic, unamplified setting, sensitive, joyous and gentle.You’re invited to come as you are and enjoy the upbeat music, concise readings, and contemporary prayers.

Held in the Morrow Chapel, this service was created for the individual who is seeking an alternative to a more traditional service.

There is no juggling of prayer books and hymnals; the prayers and congregational responses – from The New Zealand Prayer Book – and the music are in the service leaflet.