Racism Revealed

Update (7/6/2020): Click here to listen to episodes of Racism Revealed: The Word made Flesh

As part of Trinity’s commitment for justice and respecting the dignity of every human being, we are starting a series called Racism Revealed. We invite you to watch this interview with Angel Williams, a Trinity parishioner and former police officer with the Houston Police Department.

Disclaimer from Ms. Williams:

“The views and opinions expressed in this or any future forums (podcasts, YouTube videos, etc.) are solely my views. They represent my personal opinions and my former experiences as a licensed peace officer in the State of Texas. My words do not, in any way, necessarily reflect the official policies or positions of any local, state, or federal agency, specifically not that of the Houston Police Department, any police union, or any other affiliates.”

Following discussion on Zoom, on Saturday, June 13, 2020, you are invited to submit an audio recording (10 minutes max) about your experiences with racism – as a target or benefactor, personally and systemically. Angel and her wife Sheila will curate the submissions, to be included in a new series:

Racism Revealed: ‘The Word Made Flesh’

which will be shared online each week throughout the summer. For more information or directions on how to participate, please contact the Reverend Hannah Atkins Romero, Rector at [email protected].