Six Amazing Things About Stewardship

As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. Peter 4:10

1. Jesus was an awesome Steward

Stewardship is deeply rooted in Scripture, a response to the call to be disciples of Jesus and follow His way. Stewardship is really putting our faith into action as we try to emulate His example. Christ-like stewardship is the “stretch goal” along the faith journey.

2. Our lives are really all about Stewardship

The succinct definition of stewardship is “caring for something of value”. In that context we are stewards of ourselves, our families, our communities, and the environment. Given that we’ve had a lot of practice at stewardship, doesn’t it make sense to apply that expertise to the care of our faith community?

3. Stewardship is the gift that keeps on giving

God gives each of us a personal benefits package of time, talent, and treasure – gifts that we can use entirely at our discretion. But the cool thing is, we can thank God for our gifts by transforming them into faithful actions and ministries. There is something miraculous and wonderful about grateful and generous giving – our actions benefit others and return to us in countless ways.

4. Trinity runs on Stewardship

We tend to take for granted that when we arrived for worship there will be wine in the chalice, bread on the plate, vestments adorning the clergy, and flowers at the altar. But all this happens because of stewardship – people donating their time and talent. Faithful stewards are lay ministers, greeters, ushers, visitors to the sick and shut in, meal makers, coordinators of weddings and funerals, facilitators of prayer and worship, artists, educators, and event planners. The list goes on and on. Where would Trinity be without its stewardship ministries?

5. Yes, Stewardship is also about money

Have we mentioned the “M” word? Trinity runs on time and talent, but it is powered by treasure – financial pledges and contributions. More about that later!

6. The path to Stewardship is three-fold

Prayer: Ask God to guide you. Maybe He will ask you to stretch your time, talent, and treasure, or do something that is out of your comfort zone. Listen carefully. Consideration: What does Trinity mean to you? What do you get out of being here? What do you have to offer? What’s in it for you and for Trinity if you transform your faith into action? Action: Commit your resources to action. Talk to people. Look at the Parish Life Guide – what speaks to you? Then sign up and show up – in faith.