Pub Theology returns Wednesday October 26th at 7pm at a New location with this month’s feature guest writer Saba Blanding.

Pub Theology will meet this Wednesday, October 26th at 7 pm at the Brass Tap located at 922 Holman St Suite A, Houston, TX 77002, this location is right across the street from Trinity so no need to pay for parking our parking lot will be available.

Our featured guest writer for this month is Saba Blanding.

Here is a short bio from Saba.


I am a writer with a special interest in satire and personal essays. I love to use everything from personal stories to rage on social justice issues to help create clarity and connection around issues we all face. My satire piece published by The Belladonna Comedy was a response to HISD’s school safety plants and budgetary decisions following the Uvalde school shooting