Pub Theology Featured speaker for March 29th,2023 at 7pm at the Brass Tap will be Brad Sullivan

Our next Pub Theology will be on Wednesday, March 29th, 2023 at 7 pm at the Brass Tap featuring Brad Sullivan the current Vicar of Lord of the Streets. He will be there to share with us about his new book “For The Hurt, The Blessed, and The Damned”

Exploring the theologies that formed this fear, we find that the God these theologies describe, and support is rather monstrous. Looking then at scripture, the realities we face in life, and Jesus’ life of healing, we find that Christianity is not a religion of fear. Rather Christianity is a religion of healing, connection, belonging, and love.

We need healing. God knows this, and God loves us, so rather than threaten us with eternal torture, God becomes one of us, Jesus, sharing every aspect of humanity with us. Knowing that we may end up in Hell (a place of redemption, not retribution), Jesus even went there so that anywhere we are, Jesus is there offering us healing, connection, belonging, and love.

Brad’s new book is available on…

Here’s a short bio for Brad

Brad Sullivan is a husband, father, Episcopal Priest, singer-songwriter, and guitar player. He is serving as the vicar of Lord of the Streets Episcopal Church and served in parish ministry for the previous 17 years. Through the parish and now at LOTS, Brad has found a love of working and ministering with people: those who are experiencing homelessness and those who are not.

From college and campus ministry, through seminary, and into parish ministry, Brad was increasingly aware of the damage done by some theologies within the church: specifically, the “Believe in Jesus or to go Hell” theologies. Knowing people who turned away from the church and from God because they’d been lambasted by such theologies, Brad decided to address them head on, looking at scripture, reason, and even traditions within the church. His writing is geared toward everyday people, rather than academics, and he writes with humor, honesty, and a deep faith which includes doubt and uncertainty. A graduate of Virginia Theological Seminary, and an ordained priest since 2005, Brad weaves seminary education seamlessly into ordinary life and experiences. He grew up in Houston, TX, went to college at U.T., Austin, worked for two years in campus ministry, and then went to Seminary, where he met his wife, Kristin. They have three children, Noah, Rhys, and Elise.