Guest Teacher this Sunday!

Denise Treviño-Gomez, Missioner for Intercultural Development for the Episcopal Diocese of Texas will be here at Trinity this Sunday! She will be leading our adult class, Breakfast & Belief: Food for Heart, Mind & Soul at 9:30 am in the Smith Room.

Some background about Denise:

Denise was born to an American mother and Mexican father. Denise grew up in Mexico in her early years and later moved to Texas with her family. Denise graduated from Randolph Macon Women’s College with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Communications. Denise joined the Diocese of Texas in 2007 and serves as the Missioner for Intercultural Development.

Her background in the multicultural field is extensive. In addition to growing up in a bicultural and bilingual family, Denise has worked and lived alongside various cultures throughout Africa, China, Japan, Turkey, various parts of Europe and Central and South America. Denise brings forth a unique perspective and understanding of the challenges at hand when blending cultures. She is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Denise is trained in “Non-Violent Communication,” a mediation program to help people resolve issues in times of conflict and is a certified Associate of the Kaleidoscope Institute that teaches cultural competency in our faith communities. She is also a certified Licensed Administrator of the “Intercultural Development Inventory” which helps assess intercultural competency in communities and individuals. She has also trained at Duke Divinity’s Center for Reconciliation to work towards peace and reconciliation. Denise serves as the Diocesan Liaison for the Commission on Black Ministry.

Denise coordinates and teaches a variety of programs in the diocese; The Fertile Ground Project, a program designed to train culturally competent leadership; Hispanic Ministry 101, Having Difficult Conversations; Becoming Beloved Community Racial Dialogues; and Preparing for Missionary Trips.

Before joining the Diocese, Denise served as Executive Director for the Humane Society in San Antonio and worked as the Development and Public Relations Director for one of the top five zoos in the nation. She also worked in the film industry as a Research Coordinator which involved living alongside various cultures to research their ways of life, customs and traditions.