Construction around the Church

If you have been to Trinity recently you know there is a lot of Heavy Construction in our Area.

Please make sure you take some extra time to get here on Sundays

If you are coming from Main St, The only current way to get to Our parking lot entrance on Holman can be reached coming Northbound on Main St (If you are coming from (West Alabama St.) You can take a right on Main and currently access our Holman Street entrance.


Yes it’s a hard right turn, but you can enter.


However, currently our handicap parking access is being blocked by several Construction vehicles. They have told me they will not always be here, but you will have to make a U-turn on Sunday to access these sports on Holman. We are working with our security to help direct traffic on Sunday.


We did anticipate some of this construction so we opened our entrance on Fannin to help get into our parking lot since access is very limited.

This is the current situation from Fannin Street. You will have to pass this very large hole that is currently on Fannin and Holman st.


Once you pass this spot you should be able to make an immediate right into our parking lot from Fannin St. Gate. Please note that this entrance may get blocked by construction building things right in front of our entrance.


The crew said that this entrance should be open, please plan accordingly because currently, it is not. We will update when we are given information, which currently has been very little, but please know, Yes we are open and still here to serve our community.